Welcome to my SCUBA page.  I took SCUBA lessons in the Mt Vernon area.  My Instructor was Joan Cole, one of the first woman scuba divers in Maine.  Hopefully within the next 3 years I'll be able to advance my training further.  I will post real "dive" pictures up as soon as I use my new underwater camera.

I am currently Open Water Certified with the  and as mentioned before, plan on advancing my skills as time permits.  Currently I dive for Scallops during the season and play around in the local ponds and lakes of Maine.

Here's a short list of places I have dived:
Belgrade Lake, ME (Lake)
Christmas Cove, ME (Ocean)
Lands End, Baily Island, ME (Ocean)
Notched Pond, Raymond, ME (Pond)
Blue Hill, ME (Ocean)
Long Pond, Mt Vernon, ME (Pond/Lake)
Flying Pond, Mt Vernon, ME (Pond/Lake)
Watson Pond, Rome, ME (Pond/Lake)
Flagstaff Lake, Eustis, ME (Lake)
Balch Pond, Woodman, NH (Pond/Lake)

Island, palm, and birds

A Few Pictures

Yours truly exploring the depths of a Flordia fresh water spring.

(August 1998)

Today we completed our final check out dive.  We're officially Open Water divers.

(October 1998)

I'm playing with a lost (but found) ice pick

(October 1998)

A large mouth bass in Flying Pond near Mt. Vernon. 

(June 16, 2001)

It's me thinking, "Hurry up and take the picture!" -- Flying Pond.

(June 16, 2001)


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