Wayne & Lucille Bodeen Earl & Florence May 15, 1975
Alice Rasmusson  From Clarence Bodeen Sep. 9, 1986
Geneva Johnson (Neve) Clarence Bodeen Mar. 28, 1987
Clarence Bodeen Cascade County Historical Society Apr. 1, 1987
Geneva Johnson (Neve) Clarence Bodeen Apr. 12, 1987
Geneva Johnson (Neve) Clarence Bodeen Apr. 13, 1987
Geneva Johnson (Neve) Clarence Bodeen May 19, 1987
Bodeen Carol Johnson Dec. 1987
Alice Rasmusson Margaretha Hedblom Feb. 11, 1988
Scott Bodeen Mellie Nulliner Dec. 13, 1988
Scott Bodeen Debbie Blankenship Dec. 21, 1988
Alice Rasmusson Ulrika Erixon Feb. 15, 1989
Scott Bodeen Cynthia Messmer Mar. 22, 1989
Leroy Mogren Cynthia Messmer Apr. 28, 1989
Lucille Bodeen Alice & Norville Rasmusson Apr. 30, 1989
Scott Bodeen Lucy Simpson Jun. 22, 1989
Scott Bodeen Marilee Lee (Frailey) Dec. 29, 1989
?UNKNOWN? Clarence Bodeen Dec. 22, 1991
?UNKNOWN? Clarence Bodeen Feb. 28, 1992

I'd like to thank Leah Bodeen of Terrace Heights, Washington for many of these letters as well as her Grandmother Lucille Bodeen of Kent, Washington for trusting her with this genealogy data.

Many of these letters are hand written, and I have manually re-typed them.  I fixed most spelling errors and added some punctuation.  Other than that, there hasn't been any modifications.  Grammer has not been changed.