Family Stories

  1. Brown Family History by Morris Brown (1997)
  2. The Brown Heritage by Martha A. Morris (1988)
  3. Arvid Bodeen by ?UNKNOWN? (abt 1980)
  4. Christine (Nystrom) Bodeen by ?UNKNOWN? (abt 1980)
  5. Rounds of a Rounder by Rufus E. McIntire (1935)
  6. Anna Glad Bodeen Johnson by ?UNKNOWN?
  7. Erick & Anna (Engstrom) Risberg by ?UNKNOWN?
  8. Charlie & Anna Johnson by ?UNKNOWN?
  9. Life with Grandpa and Grandma Johnson and Emil by Geneva M. (Neve) Johnson

I'd like to thank Leah Bodeen of Yakima, Washington for providing me with 5 of these stories, and her Grandmother, Lucille (Everson) Bodeen of Kent, Washington for trusting Leah with these stories.

Thanks a bunch!